• GriiMzz

    GriiMzz jungle picks (1)

    February 15, 2012 by GriiMzz

    This is going over my favorite picks for juggling champs. I've played every position in the game and I like jungling and solo top. Jungling is important but not necessary. Skarner-skarner jungle is amazing he can clear blue camp and gank right after it. He's an amazing ganker. He's Tammy but even with 14 ap he does massive damage. He has a very good jungle clear time.just don't get cced Nocturne-nocturne Is debatable he was amazing before they nerfed his ult. He can gank at lvl 2 with his fear up. He's not very tanky but can be if u make him a initiator like I do with atmogs. Warwick-he isnt as good as everyone says he is.he can gank at lvl 2 but not strong unless u start boots.he can't gank well unless he has ult and he can kill and get …

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