Hi. this is my first time making a model and posting something: http://imgur.com/a/deuFg

The reason i chose to completely change Amumu is because his model doesn't reflect his role at all. he is a tank and is supposed to be focused and be big and scary in team fights.

the problem with amumu right now is that he is confusing to new players, his lore is very bland and boring and doesn't tell us anything about Amumu, his personality is kinda "off", its kinda weird to be the first on your team diving into a epic battle and all Amumu says is "Let's find some friends."

his new model and lore is supposed to be from the same place as Nasus and Renekton. thats why he got a scarab as a head, since he is a reflection on the egyptian god Khepri- the god of rebirth.

he is supposed to look very thin and slender with bulky armor. the armor is of course made out of bronze since he is a part of bronzodia the forbidden one. he is kinda a mix of alien and ancient egypt mutch like Nasus.

Q- he uses the weight of the armor on his arm to thow himself forword the enemy(kinda like a bowling ball on a rope)

W- he gets surrounded by a Swarm of scarabs.

E- kinda off a explosion of mummy wraps and purple magic.

R- the same. just the purple insted of yellow

the reason i made all off this is not just to get my ideas out, but if no one likes this it is a good way for riot to know what the players want and dont want.

original reddit page: http://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/27ovn0/amumu_visual_update_complete_relaunchfan_art/

who would you like me to do next. Yorick, Brand or any other? pick someone thats looks bad but doesn't get any attention.