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  • Grrrbear26

    Fixing Skarner

    May 31, 2015 by Grrrbear26

    Skarner is in a strange place right now, as he has always been in. This is an attempt to help out with his issues. His previous rework hasn't made him a regular pick, or even a rare pick. In the past 6 months I have seen him once.

    Author's Note: This blog is in no way fueled by belief that Skarner is currently too strong, or too weak. It is fueled by his odd place and roll in league of legends, and Riot's difficulty balancing him in the past.

    • Connect Skarner’s character Design and Lore (what little there is) with his game play.
      • I wanted to make him more territorial as opposed to a magic chasing machine.
    • Make it more clear when you should fight him.
      • Similar to what Riot did with Ryze, I wanted to make it clear when he is and is not strong. I did …

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  • Grrrbear26

    This champion is the Metal armed bruiser from the “Seconds” cinematic. I wanted to encapsulate his character and playstyle, namely his ability to die later, after taking tons of damage. I applied some lore to him, as well as some character development.

    Taking a quick break from CB reformatting. I needed to relax and I noticed that no one had done this guy yet. I don't think he is likely to be an actual champion, but I could see an interesting kit. He is a very deceptive tank. You will see what I mean.

    |alttype = |date = |rangetype = melee |health = 70 |attack = 60 |spells = 20 |difficulty = 60 |hp = 470 (+95) |resource= heat |damage= 62 (+3.2) |range = 150 |armor = 26 (+3.8) |magicresist = 30 (+1.25) |attackspeed = 0.652 (+4.5%) |healthreg…

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  • Grrrbear26

    Well. I told you guys the 5th...... And here we are on the 15th. Sorry about the huge delay guys!

    So the voting came in. let me give you the point totals. First place in each category gets 2 points, and second place in each category gets 1 point.

    1st Place: Hayase by GutsyTick

    2nd Place: Xia by AP Sejuani

    1st Place: Hayase by GutsyTick

    2nd Place: Xia by AP Sejuani

    1st Place: Hayase by GutsyTick

    2nd Place: Xia by AP Sejuani

    1st Place: Marko by Scudmarx (Woah a mix up!)

    2nd Place: Xia by AP Sejuani

    1st Place: Hayase by GutsyTick

    2nd Place: Xia by AP Sejuani

    Hayase by GutsyTick: 8 Points

    Xia by AP Sejuani: 5 Points

    Marko by Scrudmarx: 2 Points

    As you may remember, each judge also gets to choose a first favorite (2 points) as well as a second favorite (1 point). …

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  • Grrrbear26

    CB1 Update

    April 26, 2015 by Grrrbear26

    I have some good news and some bad news. Ill give you the bad news first so that you don't panic.

    I have finals coming up and will be largely disposed until the 5th of next month. You can expect the results to be delayed up to 2 weeks maximum. I will take the time to screenshot the voting on the 28th. Remember you have 2 more days (as of posting this) to vote!

    The good news is that we have had a lot of success with CB1! Lots of contestants, lots of voters.


    CB1 polls

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  • Grrrbear26

    CB1: Polls

    April 14, 2015 by Grrrbear26

    Hello and welcome to the polls for CB1 . Tridan V2 and I have made our decisions as to whom we are giving our points. 

    As you may know from reading the rules, both of us get to give 2 points to our favorite, and 1 point to our second favorite. We are keeping our choices a secret. We want to make sure that our decisions were uninfluenced by the polls and vis versa.

    The concept must have one or more abilities that are altered/restricted in some manner by the decisions or actions of enemy champion(s).

    • Gatiel by Degritone
    • Sorcia by JmLyan
    • Yuen by Zelmawiz
    • Caspien by Vietphro
    • Eidus by Mourncantor
    • Celeste by Lykrast
    • Marko by Scudmarx
    • Kyalith by Shigfugjim
    • Ziffy by VerySheepy
    • Oozy by Grixian
    • Hannibal by Willbachbakal
    • Neos by VirusVirus
    • Merilan by Orsampson
    • Aftra…

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