Hello and thank you for reading this blog post.

We need to be supportive of our newer users. I feel like whenever someone new shows up everyone jumps on the band wagon and tries to push the poor soul out.

Custom champions is where I see this happen most. We have many people on this wiki who have only posted one blog, a champion concept, and after it was hit with a lot of flak, they never posted again. 

While the rules about posting champion concepts seem clear to us they do not seem clear to them, as the rules aren't posted in any easily accessable location. Additionally our current message sent to the ones who don't follow these rules don't include any link to a rules page.

Here is my suggestion for showing new users how to adjust their blog posts.

Grrrbear26 Example0

This manner shows the user exaclty what to do, and would work wonderfully along side an existing comment that attempts to help new users with posting custom champions.

This image may have to be recreated to fit better into a smaller message.

I really think we need to treat new users with respect, and this is the way to do it.

Also calling a persons concept a "Miserable pile of ideas" is not ok. That needs to be changed.