A while back, some of you may remember this, there were little events going on called the Custom Champion Contest (CCC for short). Ultimatly a confusing name,  but they were fun and engaging events.

In these events we created champions and submitted them. They were then voted upon by the community (and each other) to determine a winner. Why win? The winner got to choose the criteria for the next contest. (such as "must have some kind of unique item" or "must have spam-able abilities") The last CCC was CCC6.

Mostly I am wondering where it went. Was it banned by the moderators? Did the host (Lykrast) lose interest?

Would you guys mind if I hosted my own contest? I warn you that I would run things a little differently!

I would call it the Concept Battle. Different name for a different contest, right? I don't want to plagiarize Lykrast's Contest.