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    Hello. I am GuitarFreak and a former DotA, HoN player. I used to play DotA because I have always been a very socially active player and wanted a game that requires mass teamwork. But than there were the "Haters" and the "Leavers" Involving in DotA. As I kept on playing I was stunned to find out of League of Legends. I told my friend about it and than (way in the CBT) he got me a key that I made an account on. I didn't like it back than it had alot of bugs and issues so I started HoN. But than I found out that League of Legends has massly evolved and I decided to give it a try again... with some friends. So I started playing again last year on the date of August the 8th under the name of GuitarFreak on EU platform. I liked it so much so I b…

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