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  • GustavoNuncho

    I believe, that in all games, there is one thing missing. Can you guess? One simple thing that makes games so much better, so much more fun, and increases your chance of winning.

    And that is, communication. It seems like in any random game you play you and your allies dont communicate enough. Its because of this a game has a bad start or a full turn-around in who is winnig. (Ex: A teamate pings baron and you or some of you don't go or type "No" or "Not now" but they go anyway, and you get aced or they die before you get there) Im sure you've noticed a difference in win rate when you play with your buddies and talk over skype, and the fact is that, sometimes, your team isn't really that bad, you just dont work together enough.

    But it isn't even…

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  • GustavoNuncho

    No Role, and no meta.

    January 31, 2013 by GustavoNuncho

    Everybody will tell you, that a champion is played this way. I will tell you, a champion is played this way, or this way.

    It's true that many champions can, and will be played multiple ways, but not everyone will accept your choice. You may do bad, and then they will take note of that, more and more against the choice each time they see it fail. However, doing well won't make them think any different. Some of those who are experienced with League of Legends will likely not take any offense by this, and it won't prevent them from doing it again. I'm not speaking to those people (Sadly, that is probably everyone on the this wiki, reading this. If you are still reading though, then at least encourage players with me).

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