I believe, that in all games, there is one thing missing. Can you guess? One simple thing that makes games so much better, so much more fun, and increases your chance of winning.

And that is, communication. It seems like in any random game you play you and your allies dont communicate enough. Its because of this a game has a bad start or a full turn-around in who is winnig. (Ex: A teamate pings baron and you or some of you don't go or type "No" or "Not now" but they go anyway, and you get aced or they die before you get there) Im sure you've noticed a difference in win rate when you play with your buddies and talk over skype, and the fact is that, sometimes, your team isn't really that bad, you just dont work together enough.

But it isn't even all about teamwork.

It's like knowing your opponents moves, this helps right? What if you knew you opponent's moves, AND you ally's moves?

The tinyest difference in a choice you make that resulted from proper communication could change the game.

EX #2: Lets start with a Leona. Leona wants to engage. Her team does not realize this. She EQ's their carry; Then gets the resulting burst from all the enemies, and the ad carry flashes away instead of getting heavily cc'ed and killed. Then Leona dies. You now have no tank, and your team is at a loss for a teamfight. Now put a Blitzcrank on the enemy's team. OUCH. It's sad that things like this matter and arn't recognized. Yet, at the same time it's fantastic because it separates the good players from the bad (Atleast the ones who realize it and utilize it).

(Useless Example: Imagine if a group of players in Call of Duty worked together like so, and held a stradegy. They would surely win all the time [But no one really cares to much about that game/playerbase].)

What about TROLLS?

Trolling is communicating too, but with a reverse affect. So I ask that you don't categorize these things togther. I don't think I need to share my opinion on trolling past that. It's bad, enough said.

Well, thats just one of many ways I think the League playerbase could improve, but I won't judge them for not doing so.

PS: Who here watches anime? TALK TO ME BRO!

PPS: I would like to make as many friends as possible, and this seems like a usefull way. My LoL Username is GustavoNuncho (You may have to add me as XRockLeeX11 though) You can also leave your Usernames in the comments section.


Also, sorry for long post and triple "PS". (I personally think it's pretty funny, but sorry for wasting you time).

-GustavoNuncho (Leader of the Mexican Mafia)