Screw that, I'm getting right to the point(s).

The First Point

Several contents and elements of the League Wikia appear quite differently on different internet browsers, with the Champion pages being the most prominently different. This may not be of news to some of you, but the reason I'm wasting my time typing this blog post out is because of the recent edit-spree I went on where I included spaces proceeding and succeeding flip text components (where appropriate) because of the lack of innate spaces they used to have on Firefox. However, it turned out this lack of spaces was only apparent in Firefox (to my knowledge), since when viewed on Chrome, all of the flip text components (or the ones I fucked up anyway) now had two visual spaces both before and after them.

The Second Point

To avoid shmuck-ups like this in the future, I propose for a set of rules to be made regarding the formatting and layout of at least the Champion pages on this Wikia (since it's what half the people come on here for anyway), including, but not limited to, the proper implementations of flip text, damage specifications (the ones where it states that percentage health is involved really ticks me off), and spaces between ability frames.

The Third Point

Older pages could also use some freshening up (including the conversion of all ability frame codes to be converted into the newer one which requires less text and clutter overall). This opportunity might as well be used to also promote the updating of older Champions' pages; I've personally updated Nasus' and Gragas' ones recently.

An Example

GutsyTick Disgusting Example

Top is on Google Chrome, bottom is on Firefox Nightly (it's Firefox).


We need some rules regarding Champions' pages and their formatting so that the use of small gimicky stuff like the mentioned flip text (which looks different according to the employed browser) can be set in stone; a streamlining of the League Wikia's pages have been long past due, and the inconsistency that is present in most of the older champion pages is not arousing.

Not one bit.

So What Would Happen If Someone Actually Cared And Made Up Some Rules?

Then I (and other editors who care) would be able to kill some time while doing something positive for the League Wikia.


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