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South American server needed

Ok, now this may sound extremely racist, but I'm tired of South Americans in games with their buddies that their only goal is to troll people. Not only is there an extreme language barrier, making it tough to communicate with them during games (except for those of us who know spanish, myself included). Not only does this result in a vast majority of games to result in defeat, but they will then proceed to troll you. Not only is it irritating, it provides a poor gaming environment. Along with all of those, I feel that there is a huge difference in skill levels between North American gamers to South American gamers. Over the past week, I have lost more games that I care to admit, the main reason being that it would be a buddy and I (support and adc) and then the other 2 or three would be hispanic players set on trolling. Yes, I realise that this may be talked about frequently, but it NEEDS to be done. (Rage over)

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