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  • H4ppy

    Swain, pet project.

    October 7, 2010 by H4ppy

    So I bought Swain after seeing what I consider an abysmal performance from several different people on release day. After one practice game, I thought I had a basic grasp on him and charged directly into a normal game!


    Note to self and others, recommend more then one practice before playing people. First game was massive failure, didn't get enough last hits so I couldn't farm and the opposition MF played very well and acquired a taste for my blood.
    Second game was a marked improvement, but still lost the game.

    Since then I have had a few games with him, always with a positive KDR, few wins and a few losses.

    So basically there are a few things I'm thinking about currently;

    Whats the most viable/effective for survivability?

    Spirit Visage …

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