1 Growth 18 1 Growth 18
Health N/A Attack damage (+0)
Health regen. N/A Attack speed N/A
Mana N/A Armor N/A
Mana regen. N/A Magic resist. N/A
Attack range N/A Mov. speed N/A
Zelos, the Forgotten is a custom champion in League of Legends. He is also known as Irelia's brother long lost brother.


Zelos' abilites does not have any cost but is instead regualated by the amount of Spiritual Energy he is currently in possession of. He can store up to a maximum of 200 spiritual energy, and using his abilities cost some of his current spiritual energy. The more Spiritual Energy he has the more powerful his spells will become. His autoattacks will grant a set amount of Spiritual Energy based one the level of his ability Ascended Blade (W). Additionally, Zelos will generate 1 Spiritual Energy every second. This generation is doubled while in combat.

Ancient Techniques

Innate: Autoattacking enemies grants stacks of Enraging Spirit, which stacks up to 10 times. Not attacking an enemy for a short duration causes Zelos to lose the stacks. Autoattacking champions grants two stacks. Each stack of Ancient Tecniques grants bonuses or enhances the effects of Zelos abilities. Additionally, for each stack of Ancient Techniques Zelos’ attack speed increases by 4%, up to a maxiumum of 40% bonus attack speed at maximum stacks.

Ability Details

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Lore Edit


Quotes Edit

Upon selection

  • "I have returned!"


  • "The path is fading."
  • "The truth is a lie."
  • ""


  • "Nothing but lies!"


  • "hi"


  • "hi"

Other Edit


Thanks for looking at my custom champion. Any comments, questions, suggestions (Lore pls) is highly appreciated and welcome ^^.

Any concept art, ability icons and champion icons is also appreciated.

If you have any experience writing or want to write Zelos' lore I have some keywords that may be of help, but other than that I really suck at writing such things :P . Note that I'm not demanding you to use these keywords, and it's completely (and obviously xD) optional to use them.

Keywords: Zelos nearly dies on his way to Demacia. Some ancient/diving being (possibly his desiesed father) brought him back to life and told him his destiny was not fulfilled, and his journey wasn't over yet. The being granted him a blade and divine powers. He returns to Ionia and rumors tells that his sister went to the League of Legends. He goes to the League of Legends in hopes of finding and reuniting with his sister, and hopefully find any clue as to what his destiny is.