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  • Hamengeri
    • Cooldown reduced to 50 seconds.
    • Please see Deathcap changes before you burn me alive.
    • Renamed to Zhonya's Ring.
    • Updated icon.
    • Unique passive now is named Doom.
    • Now uses old Witchcap's icon.
    • Valor's Reward now activates upon scoring champion kills.
    • Recipe changes
      • replaced by .
      • replaced by .
      • Combine cost increased to 1000g.
      • Total cost is now 2605g.
    • Gameplay changes
      • AD increased to 40 from 25.
      • Critical strike chance increased to +25% from +20%.
      • Passive component now reads: "Your critical strikes inflict grievous wounds on enemy champions for 2 seconds".
      • Additional passive added: "You deal 10% increased damage to enemies below 30% health on hit".
    • Attack speed increased to 50% from 45%.
    • Champion kills now reduce cooldown by flat 30 seconds.

    These are mostly minor ch…

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  • Hamengeri

    I've been working on this kit since I finally got rid of my previous kit. It started as a sustain-based midder, but ended up as a completely chaotic concept. In order not to get stuck like in Nahtan's case, I decided to ask you for help and ideas. Lore and icons are to be added in final version!

    | will cause Inner Balance to go on cooldown, as if they dealt damage. }} }}

    , dealing magic damage to all enemies caught, and reducing cooldown of Gladecall by 10% for every enemy champion hit. |leveling = |cooldown = 7 |cost = |costtype = mana |range = 700 }} |, but it’s most likely going to be removed soon. }} }}

    cone in front of her and reduces damage they deal for two seconds.

    |description2 = Hum of Despair’s cooldown is refreshed whenever …

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  • Hamengeri

    This concept is pretty old and it's been on my PC for a long time. I never published it because its lore felt not good enough - I changed it milions of times, trying to tie this champion - or currently just kit - either to my long-forgotten Project: Fyrone, or to Hirana Monastery. In order to be able to think clearly, I need to get this kit off my head and the only way to do so is to publish it. With or without a lore and personality. Pure kit.

    While this concept started as a rework for Old Karma, I quickly replaced almost all and then all of her abilities. Then she lost her personality and somehow - I scrapped the rework and started a new champion, whose first and perfect, I believe, use is to punish enemy casters - even those who build AD…

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  • Hamengeri

    If you noticed weird "CCC1" all over wikia, have a look here. This post is also a part of this competition (hopefully soon). Without wall of text, let's move on to my concept!

    I imagine Peeves to be something between Puck and Io from Dota and these little Pixies from Harry Potter, I don't have an image so the traditional stats window is not needed, I hope.

    movement speed every second, up to a cap of movement speed.

    Peeves also deals 10(2level) magic damage to enemies he passes through. Enemies can only be damaged once a second. |leveling = |cooldown = |range = |cost = |costtype = }} | }}

    Peeves can swap positions with Orbletties. After swapping, Orbletties explode, dealing magic damage in small area around them.

    |leveling = |leveling…

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  • Hamengeri

    Stats and General

    |alttype = |date = NTBA |health = 3 |attack = 4 |spells = 7 |difficulty = 4 |hp = 390 (+70) |mana = 270 (+55) |damage = 49 (+3) |range = 500 (ranged) |armor = 8 (+3.5) |magicresist = 30 |attackspeed = 0.692 (+2.4%) |healthregen = 4 (+0.55) |manaregen = 4 (+0.8) |speed = 330 }}Linda, Unifier of the Light is a custom champion designed to fit in League of Legends. Linda was rushed heavily, because I was challenged by PrimusMobileVzla ;)

    Now that I'm back, I decided to update her. Lore Dam, the Ionian Emmissary in Demacia fell in love with one of prophets from Elven Civilization of Fyrone, Sta'Seel. It wasn't an easy love. Cultural differences often caused argu…

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