As some of you noticed, I started "Project:Fyrone" - a simple way to give my custom designs a backgound and even simplier way to tie them somehow. When I released first champion that is a part of "Project: Fyrone", I immediately started second - Lu'Tee, who was mentioned in Hamengeri's lore. There were some problems with her lore, though. As I'm a rather lazy person and I don't like problems I decided to skip her, and moved on to Sta'Heel, the Elder protector. She is a kind of spell thief - and that's the problem - the wiser readers have already guessed it's because she gains access to other champions' abilities.

As I always skip my problems, I did it in Sta'Heel's case again, and moved on to Sta'Drew, Heart of Kumungu. He's almost finished - there's only one ability left... And I have literally no idea what he needs.

Polite request

If you have some time, please help me (I'll thank you in credits and in comments). This is what you can do:

  1. Think of a way to make ability thievery fun and rewarding (I tried spellshield but it was unsatisfying).
  2. Design a plant-themed skill that is not similar to abilities that are already in game (beware of ZyraSquare Zyra and MaokaiSquare Maokai).
  3. Invent a name for small, helpful creature that looks a bit like iguana (don't laugh, this is the biggest problem with her lore: his name is Igee).
Simplified version of Sta'Drew's current kit

P - stacking slow on-hit and spell effect, upon reaching certain amount of stacks - root and damage;

Q - places brush, applying P;

W - arc-skillshot that damages all enemies and applies P to first champion it hits;

E - ...

R - first cast creates impassable terrain around AoE, while second deals damage and applies P in this AoE.

Thank in advance :)