RiotBrokenSword's challengeEdit

Hi there, I'm sure that you have already started to hate this year!

Well, I have. But then RiotBrokenSword amused me by saying:

I haven't checked the launch date of the next champ yet. If I knew it, I couldn't tell you. It will be a fun champ, though. Nothing you'll see coming.

The problem is, I predicted NamiSquare Nami (many people did, Ryan 'Morello' Scott was teasing her a really long time indirectly) and a friend of mine managed to predict ZacSquare Zac. There's nothing Riot can hide from us, right? And it sounds like a challenge or a tease of champion that can't be seen coming.

Rioters often reply to weird threads and say something "meaningless", but usually, after several months, their words magically become meaningful. Ao ShinSquare Ao Shin is a perfect example - his concept was based on a forum thread, then Riot "revealed" him, and now they are redesigning him.

So, what will next champion be like?


If you don't follow Riot and don't know what I am talking about, here are some things you can do in order to have a peek into the future:

  • Follow Rioters on Twitter, Morello sometimes teases there, and even answers some questions
  • Use Dev tracker
  • Read lol-related news sites (like popular Surrender at 20 and Reign of Gaming)
  • Have a look at Emptylord's profile, he has a good blog regarding Unreleased Content.