Eternal Hammer of Elders
Hamengeri Item2
Lame image, I know.
Availability DK
Tier Legendary

+25 ability power

+500 mana

+250 health
Passive Unique - Spellblade: On cast, for 10 seconds, your next basic attack deals bonus magic damage equal to mana spent on ability that activated it and heals you for the same amount. 2 second cooldown.
Unique - Valor's reward: On champion kill and leveling up, restores 200 health and mana over four seconds. On champion assist, restores half of that amount. 5 second cooldown.

Few words about this item

Simple sustain tool for champions, that don't like life steal, spell vamp, or both. I skipped pricing and stuff - it's a concept, not item script :)

I added category "custom champions", because it didn't appear anywhere, even when I used purge. I hope I could do this :)

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