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How much power do we have?

Hamengeri October 16, 2013 User blog:Hamengeri

Riot has just released Jinx Jinx and is slowly starting to tease S4 stuff. But we want something more, don't we?

While I am aware that Riot will probably push Harrowing skins to PBE very soon, we can have a peek at them earlier. I mean, I hope we can. We need to prepare our wallets and we all love when the rest of us is speculating, don't we?

Let's discuss my idea: Let's start a new trend on Twitter (and probably facebook, but who uses hashtags there?), namely "#Morelloplease", pair it with "#Riotplease" and "#Harrowing2013", and ask Morello to tease a bit. Is it hard? No.

Let's see if we can!

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
do you want some teases?
Because I do!

PS. Before we start, please share your thoughts :)

PPS. It would be funny if today's patch brought Harrowing skins :D

Edit: Oh crap, it just had to happen ;__;

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