Hi, it's Hamengeri with a quick blog post. I decided to post something like this, because we all have or had some concepts and it would be cool to have them in one place - both for us, players and possibly a Rioter with absolutely no inspiration. I'm also curious what lurks in your void-consumed souls.

If there are any suggestions somewhere on the wikia, please link them in the comments section and I will link them on the list. If you have an idea, you can post it in a comment and I may add it.

Thank you for already shared suggestions.

Actual listEdit

1. Shopping frenzyEdit

A game mode that would enable some of old items and allow us to buy items from different maps.

2. Time travel: ChampionsEdit

A game mode that would allow us to play pre-rework version of champions, small refactors included, nerfs not. I could play the true Karma once more.

3. Ability draftEdit

I'm almost sure everybody knows what it is. You pick a champ, then you pick abilities like champions in draft mode. It would be hard to implement - every skill would need alternate costs and ultimate version (for purposes of KarmaSquare Karma's Mantra Mantra and company).

4. Hunger gamesEdit

Explained with details here.

5. Double the...Edit

Gamemode where something is doubled - for example items or champion abilities. Examples here and here.

6. Class Is Out!Edit

Each team bans an entire class of champions prior to Blind champion select, suggested by Empty.

7. Dominion/Classic crossoversEdit

Dominion versions of classic maps, suggested by Lykrast.

8. V-ZeroEdit

Details here. It's quite hard to explain this shortly.