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-Mary, An Ishtar Family Christmas.

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Mah first blog. Whoopee.

Well, my shirts finally came and Im LOVING my Emumu shirt. Its so comfy and warm, plus it looks awesome. Too bad no ones seen it yet seeing as I havent been to school in a week. I really should go though, exams soon.

Im getting REALLY tired of all the noobs in game. I had this one Garen who chose to leave, come back, say he had to go, then leave AGAIN! Though I can't complain, I did accidentally take Attack Speed runes instead of my normal caster set. I wound up playing Cassiopeia DPS. Almost as bad when I attempted to tank (I AM NEVER PLAYING SHEN EVER AGAIN (EVER)).

Anyway, I guess it's time to wrap this thing up. Later everyone (if anyone reads this). If you want to play me sometime you can contact me by my account (Haos Ellision)