• Hardly a Notion


    October 6, 2011 by Hardly a Notion

    Okay, so I have a concern I'd like to talk (or vent) about. The name of this concern is Jax. It's just nuts that as soon as he gets a Hextech Gunblade he becomes so absurdly strong. He's has the survivability of a solid DPS with practically the damage output of a carry. Granted, I mainly fight against him in 3v3 where champions of that sort are especially strong. But the sheer amount of damage he's capable of putting out while still being able to absorb a pretty large amount of punishment is a little bit crazy. The typical proposed solution to dealing with him is "focus him" or "get a Sword of the Divine". Well, any champ will break under the focus of an entire team, but while your team is busy focusing Jax, their carry can just blow on in…

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