• Headripper

    Choke, The Biohazard

    March 10, 2012 by Headripper

    Hi every one!

    It's weeks and weeks that I wanted to write this concept right here but I never had time, so now that I have enough time I'll write my idea:

    Choke is a new kind of support that will change a little the way you play support because he will be passive like any suport but will be even a nice minion wave destroyer making any enemy that you and your ranged have in lane think twice before playing aggressively, he will be a champion that can buff allied champions while debuffing enemy champions.

    Let's start talking about his skills:

    Passive: Gas vent: every time Choke uses an ability he will gain 10% movement speed and will leave

    a gass trail behind him (mutch like singed) for 1 seconds that will apply the same effects of his last abilit…

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