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    Since we all know, that Aatrox has got some changes recently (and how they turned out to be), we all know, that he needs a rework. So, nothing special or intriguing or anything like it, this is my version of Aatrox, that, as for me, could find a nice place in the League. } |title=the the Darkin Blade |herotype=Fighter |alttype=Tank |date=2013-06-13 |patch=} |changes=V7.5 |health=6 |attack=6 |spells=6 |difficulty=6 |ip=6300 |rp=975 }} First of all, the stats have been changed (or rather modernized), to differ them from these of older champions. These I proposed might seem to be a nerf to him (another one!), but after looking at his abilities, I hope you won't think that way.

    for each point of Blood over the duration. Aatrox cannot revive more… Read more >
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    My vision of: Warwick

    December 18, 2016 by Healingmantra

    Some visions of reworked Warwick could be found in the web. I'm aware, that it's something other than I'll post it. The reason of it is mainly to share with you my ideas, how it could be refreshed, but add some freshness to the kit. As for defense if this blog is unnecessary as the kit is somewhere in the web, long before rework there was also his kit, including his ghouls rather than mist beings and flipping his enemies over his shoulder with his shovel (naturally I won't find it now to recall it here). Anyway, let's go with it!

    And I am a werewolf. I like to claw my opponents, I sometimes howl and feel the blood of surrounding wounded enemies. I also rarely leave my beloved jungle and just wait before I hit level 6 to jump on my unsuspec…

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    So, it's basically another kind of Ability Power, dedicated to supports & utility mages.

    After some thoughts and analyzes performed on champions in League, mostly full-utility as , I realized that they have no true way of building. I mean, they do not have any attribute they would scale off. As offensive classes scale off offensive stats, defensive classes scale off defensive stats, what is left for utility classes? They have to increase attributes they don't use that well as other classes. Also, this makes them always no threat at all. And what, if we could make a choice, if we want to play any class offensive, defensive or utilitary (not sure if such a word exist)? Right now, if you'll build full AP on exemplary , you still are not a thre…

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    Whenever Dingodile dies, he will enter stasis for 5 seconds, after which he will explode, dealing true damage to all enemies within this ability's range (and dying). If Fuel Bag is off cooldown, it will also bring Dingodile back to life with .

    |range = 500 |cooldown = 300 |targeting = Fuel Bag is a point blank area effet. |damagetype = true |spelleffects = aoe |onhiteffects = |spellshield = will negate the damage wielder could take from this ability. |additional =

    • Fuel Bag will always deal damage, regardless if it is on cooldown or not.
    • and will take precedence over Fuel Bag.
    • will not resurrect Dingodile until after Fuel Bag ends.


    Dingodile launches an unstable ball of flames, which will fall after 0,5 seconds delay at the chosen lo… Read more >
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    My vision of: Evelynn

    November 13, 2016 by Healingmantra

    DISCLAIMER: If someone will ask, if Evelynn is in a good spot, they will be probably right. She IS in a good spot. She is probably playable and good and so on and doesn't need any changes. However, I think that she could have some changes in her abilities, so she'll be more personalized and so on. So, currently:

    • She is some kind of a demon or vampire, that pleasures herself with pain of surrounding victims. She stalks them and brings them to madness. As invisibility is involved in her kit, the rest doesn't reperesent much about her.

    So, I've come with refreshed kit that will make her a merciless stalker:

    • Not only invisible, but she'll also have use of babysitting and trying to hunt the same target again and again and again. Her passive will b…
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