• Heartlessmushroom

    |date = May 8th 2013 |health = 1 |attack = 90 |spells = 90 |difficulty = 100 |hp = 300 (+1) |mana = Manaless |damage= 44 (+1) |range = 550 |armor = 14 (+2.1) |magicresist = 30 (+0) |attackspeed = 0.7 (+2.7%) |healthregen = 0 (+0.1) |manaregen = Manaless |speed = 350 }} The Kid, The seeker of The Guy is a custom champion in League of Legends.

    The Kid gets an attack speed bonus. This buff will not be active while the spell is on cooldown.

    |description2= The Kid will be able to move or jump while attacking a single target for 6 seconds as long as he's in range of his target. In addition, he gets additional Attack speed during the spell's duration but his critical strike chance is reduced to 0%. |leveling= |Duration = |cooldown= }}

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  • Heartlessmushroom

    Zhul'ha, Emmissary of The Void is a custom champion in League of Legends.

    First time posting a custom champion here, some help, feedback and some ideas for it would be great, thanks guys. Pictures drawn by me

    Every 3 spells Zhul'ha'casts will make the next basic attack will deal bonus / magic damage which chains up to 3 nearby enemies (prioritizing champions) which recieve of the original damage.

    Additionally, if Zhul'ha is within at least 700 units from an enemy champion, its mana regeneration is increased by


    Zhul'ha fires a skillshot beam which anchors to the first champion it hits. The target takes magic damage over 3 seconds and is snared at the end of the duration as long as the anchor doesn't break.

    |leveling =




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