I love tanking. Love it. But why are most of the players i see more into carries? Is it because they get more kills? Is it the false idea that the more kills you get, the more "pro" or better you are? Sure, watching the enemy's health bar go down in a rapid rate, then hearing "An enemy has been slain" and seeing your name appear in large text is quite satisfying, but tanking, it gives you a whole new experience to explore and enjoy.

Have you ever been in a teamfight, where there was nothing much going on? Just a few pokes flying in and out? Did you ever just wanna dive into the middle of the enemy team and actually help to fight to start, but you were afraid that you would get insta-gibbed? Well that's what tanks do, iniate the fight for his/her team and protect the main carry/damage dealer/squishy. Just imagine, running in and out of the enemy team, annoying the hell out of them and majorly ticking them off, but not dying and in some cases, hardly taking any damage at all.

Tanks, in my opinion, is a must for any team. Why else would they be insta-banned in ranked games? Sure, getting a crap ton of kills feels good, but in my experience, running circles around the enemy or jumping into the middle of the opposing team and spamming "/d" and not dying will forever always, be better than getting kills.

Well that's enough of me babbling about tanking. Try out tanking if you haven't, it's great fun and i'm sure you'll enjoy it.