I first heard about League of Legends back in september 2010, from a friend who have a clan that play many competitive games, he show this game to me and some other friends; my first thought was: "oh my, what a stupid game, i have to start all over every game..." i'd never heard of DoTA before and i used to play MMORPG so this kind of game didn't attract me at all, but all of my other friends had started to play it so i slowly and at first secretly start playing it.

after some days I truly fell in love with this game, even if i didn't understand the most of the stuff (like the skills ratio, the roles in the team, the build for the champions and so on...) and when i reach high account level in the game me and my friends become more competitive, dividing the roles in which we were better and finally building up a team under ESL, hoping this would be the start of a nice gaming caarear.


My favorite champion, despite my "main role" of tank, is Soraka - the Starchild! In the MMORPG i used to play before i liked being the healer/support and the first champ i unlocked in League of Legends was Soraka, no item really needed (at least by the summoner level of 5 or so) and only my healing skill was important. now that i get a deep knowledge in the LoL mechanics i become more and more competent in playing Soraka, that is really powerful and underestimate! 3sec. Silence, mana given as Sona healing (target and self), two healing spell, global heal and a single target heal that give armor aswell, much armor... give her a soulstealer and full support aura build and u become the worst enemy nightmare!

Soraka is even easy to play and fun when duo with carry... Soraka dominate like a boss, and the fact that she lies in the back of the team don't decrease his Importance.