Kiai, The Shooting Guardian is a champion in League of Legends.

notes: this custom champion's idea is based on a "support sniper". Only 2 abilities deals damage, while the others focuses on map control. His passive was made to work like an augmented version of Leona's, compensated by a recharge not affected by CDR. Hope you guys like it. Please look the small lore I made.

p.s: had some issues trying to publish as an anonymous user. "I have no idea what I'm doing" feelings. lol


Passive- Saint Elmo

Enemies hit by Kiai's abilities are marked. An allied champion may trigger Saint Elmo with an auto attack in the next 3.5 seconds, dealing damage based on target's missing health. Saint Elmo needs 6 seconds to recharge, and is not affected by cooldown reduction 

Q- Cosmic Dust

Creates a small whirlwind in target Area of Effect, dealing damage and slow. }}

W- Allignment

Kiai channels enemies champions in a linear skillshot, positioning them based on their current health. Lowest HP enemies will be closer to Kiai's line edge.

E- Dimensional Bridge

Kiai teleports to target location in a line, leaving two wormhole spots on the way. Allies may click to travel from one spot to another in the next 3.5 seconds. Not affected by Kiai's passive.

R- Supernova

Kiai gathers energy from nearby allied champions for a second cast which will target a single enemy champion, dealing true damage based on the number of helping allies. If Kiai doesn't cast again, Supernova will explode in an area of effect, dealing half damage.}}

Lore (to be edited): Kiai is the name given to an ancient guardian of Ionia, frozen in deep space unitl balance is broken. Though born from Soraka's same mother star, this entity will not think twice before unleashing his eternal power against the enemies of his people, guiding the soldiers's edges to one hit kills or providing light speed roads through the cosmos. He was never summoned, as Ionia always was a paragon of peace, until the noxians. After League's intervention, a woman whose dragons circled above her back liberated the seal and made him fall in a crater. She adressed herself as a duchess who had to deny her pacifist ways when blodshed invaded the shores. The conflit ended, but her homeland was left broken. Ionia demanded a true champion, one to guide all others.