• Henrythai

    Poppy Remake

    December 31, 2013 by Henrythai

    Inspiration: [1]

    • Buff her laning phase
    • Nerf her late game potential
    • Fix her unhealthy hidden tankiness due to passive
    • Allow counterplay to her ult

    . This amount increases by , but cannot exceed 20%. Valiant Fighter does not reduce damage from structures.

    }} |."

    • Damage reduction from Valiant Fighter stacks multiplicatively with other sources of damage reduction, such as armor and magic resistance.
    • Valiant Fighter does not reduce true damage.
    • Valiant Fighter's damage reduction applies to absorption shields.

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    Poppy's next attack within 10 seconds will deal bonus magic damage equal to a base amount plus 8% . Devastating Blow's damage cannot exceed a threshold.


    |cooldown= |cost=20 |costtype=mana |range= }} |

    • Devastating Blow is an o…

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  • Henrythai

    Heimerdinger Remake

    February 24, 2013 by Henrythai

    mana and reduce his cooldowns by one second.

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    • Heimerdinger's base Movement Speed is increased to 330 from 325, and his armor has been increased to 10 (+3.5) from 7 (+3).
    • Improved AI system of the Turrets - if anything, the Turrets need to be fixed the most.
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