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  • HeresyHorus

    I will keep this short as I will not say why I think that crits need to be changed, unless I see some real ideas and discussion NOT some fan boy whining.

    These 3 points are what I think is needed to make critical strikes balanced... note that I have listed an alternative in the last 2 points but all of the 3 must be implemented in order to make critical strikes balanced:

    1. - Introduce an evasion mechanic ( it will be available only for those who don't build tanky by stacking up defenses and/or health and lack in mobility and sustain ) which will grant its users a chance to nullify the enemy's critical strike chance ( on a critical strike proc, you have a chance to receive the enemy's total AD without any % bonuses from critical strikes ).
    2. - Ma…
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  • HeresyHorus

    Note : for some reason i have been unable to log on to LoL forums and it doesnt look like that it will be fixed soon so please if you find my suggestions good enough you can post them in the forums so that the developers there might see them and implement them if they too find them good - hopefully not Morello the Nerf Niagara cuz he will grab his nerf bat and nerf bash her along with anyone i named here to the bottom of nerf abyss XD - just joking btw cuz i dont know why he gets that much hate as i find hes changes very reasonable

    Syndra is one of those champions in LoL that Riot did a wonderful and creative job with them by means of an outstanding visual design, powerful lore and a distinctive as well as a characteristic ability design th…

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