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Critical Strike Chance

I will keep this short as I will not say why I think that crits need to be changed, unless I see some real ideas and discussion NOT some fan boy whining.

These 3 points are what I think is needed to make critical strikes balanced... note that I have listed an alternative in the last 2 points but all of the 3 must be implemented in order to make critical strikes balanced:

  1. - Introduce an evasion mechanic ( it will be available only for those who don't build tanky by stacking up defenses and/or health and lack in mobility and sustain ) which will grant its users a chance to nullify the enemy's critical strike chance ( on a critical strike proc, you have a chance to receive the enemy's total AD without any % bonuses from critical strikes ).
  2. - Make items that grant critical strike chance either interact with how much health your target have ( for every X health your target have, you will gain Y critical strike chance against it ) or interact with how much effective bonus health your target have ( for every X effective bonus health your target have, you will gain Y critical strike chance against it ).
  3. - Either make a separate PRD generator for critical strike chance procs against champions rather than having the same generator work for attacking champions and everything else - it is just stupid to be able proc 3 or - with some champs - even 4 successive critical strikes against a champion after landing several normal hits on a minion wave or on nearby jungle camp during a siege. Or make the generator stop working for 3 or 4 hits after landing a successful critical strike against those who benefit from the new evasion mechanic - it will stop only when the bonus damage is not nullified by evasion chance - evasion not proced - before counting for procs again.

Please, remember that this is my opinion only and when replying try to post some useful ideas to build a good discussion and thank you in advance for your contributions.

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