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  • Heroduderox

    This is a theory-crafted team comp, the BRAUM COMP.

    thanks to Deshiba for input on this comp

    • Since Braum is not released, this is contains heavy speculation, as Braum's numbers are currently unknown.)*

    Assumptions (Upon Braum's pbe release, most assumptions listed have been proven true. Edits have been added in, however, since numbers are subject to change, i'll keep this here)

    1. Braum is extremely tanky wth his abilities, rivalling the likes of mundo, garen, or malphite EDIT: Braum is probably even tankier than them
    2. Yasuo can ult with braum's ulti EDIT: Confirmed
    3. Braum's slows are significant, but not ridiculous (e.g 20-30%) EDIT: Braum has a very powerful slow (75% decaying slow on Q, with 60% slowing field on ulti), further increasing his potenti…
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