• Herzog de Puce

    I had this idea while thinking of an AD champ that could benefit from Tear similar to Ryze as an AP champ. There is a mage that benefits from mana, so why isn't there a fighter? And why not create another fighter-support alongside Kayle? The introduction of Essence Reaver finally induced me to release my idea.

    EDIT: I removed Essence Reaver from his recommended items, since it's not as beneficial anymore unless Baeny focuses on Critical Strikes.

    Recommended Items:

    Baeny, the Mana Engineer is a champion idea by Herzog de Puce.

    mana}}. This effect is doubled for kills and assists against champions and epic monsters. Being near a minion death restores .}}

    If Baeny kills an enemy, he restores mana equal to to the closest nearby allied champion.


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