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  • Herzog de Puce

    I had this idea while thinking of an AD champ that could benefit from Tear similar to Ryze as an AP champ. There is a mage that benefits from mana, so why isn't there a fighter? And why not create another fighter-support alongside Kayle? The introduction of Essence Reaver finally induced me to release my idea.

    Recommended Items:

    Baeny, the Mana Engineer is a champion idea by Herzog de Puce.

    mana}}. This effect is doubled for kills and assists against champions. Being near a minion death restores .}}

    If Baeny kills an enemy, he restores mana equal to to the closest nearby allied champion.

    Baeny hauls off with his wrench causing his next basic attack to deal bonus physical damage equal to a percentage of his target's maximum mana or maximum ener…

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