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  • Hidden Sniper

    She's really good. Really easy to play, and no one plays her? That's right. Her name is Morgana (Like, her Q alone is a 3 second snare, who has a 3 second anything this day in the game?!).

    You can take her botlane as a support. Rush sightstone (Like heck, with your shield you don't need wards the first few minutes anyway). Then get some AP items (like Holy Grail, armguard, or soulstealer if your team is somewhat competent). Your Q and ultimate is awesome in teamfights, and any attention you are given is a lot better than them giving attention to your carries! (Plus, you'll probably survive and do a sh-t ton of damage)

    You can take her mid and be ungankable and be the ultimate counter-mage. Shoving their lane so they can't farm and blowing up…

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  • Hidden Sniper

    Soraka doesn't just sit back and dish out a heal every 20 seconds. Get off your @$$ and do something.

    There seems to be some misconception about Soraka and how she "Just heals and gives mana" in lane and late in the game. I'm here to tell you how she can be great in lane for wittling opponents down, and in general kicking @$$.

    -From here on out, my opinions and view on Soraka, and how she should be played-

    Don't get your Q until way way way late or until you need more pushing power midgame... Yeah, I don't care how AOE it is, or how you can spam it. You don't get it for a long while for several reasons. First, Soraka isn't very mobile, this skill roots you to the ground when using it, and is hard to consistantly keep up with someone while spa…

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  • Hidden Sniper

    Get into the mentality of "Do not die" rather than "I must kill everyone for a good kda". The thing about LoL, is there is snowballing, and once the enemy gets ahead of you, they most likely will be able to kill you pretty easily. This mainly applies in lane. I hate it when people continue to try and burst a champion down, when it didn't work at level 1. Hey, they are now level 3, if it didn't work before, it won't work now with you still at level 1. Sit and wait for your opponent to give you an opening. When it happens, take it if the risk isn't huge. After all, if you are behind by a bit, you don't want to get behind by A LOT.  If people start feeding the game spirals out of control and becomes more and more difficult to win. If you over…

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  • Hidden Sniper

    Alrighty. I've been playing LoL for... Close to three years. And, honestly, I think lifesteal (Among other things) is flawed in this game. I never played Dota until Dota 2 came out. And, I realize it is a whole different game than LoL. HOWEVER, some things just work better there, and it makes more sense than here. We have some really wacky things in our game that, are just wrong. I don't want to make LoL into something it's not. But I feel we have things that don't work like they should here.

    First off on my list - Lifesteal

    What? Lifesteal? What's wrong with it? ... I'll tell you what, it's too good. In season 1 and 2 lifesteal was constantly being nerfed. This was in the best interest of the game. However it has made a more vicious "weapon…

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  • Hidden Sniper
    should be built by someone on your team every game. This may seem like a no-brainer, but people sometimes don't. The fact is, this item benefits your team way too much to be ignored. If all of your team is slightly damaged including you, this will heal a total of 100 health every ten seconds for your team. That's 600 extra hp for your team per minute (because, no one is ever hardly at max hp for long in arams)! Magic damage is everywhere in ARAMs, so the MR aura really helps out too. The item itself gives the person who builds it very good defensive stats as well. Don't ignore it!

    "OH NO! Our team has two s due to communitcation errors!" What would you do in this situation? Don't sweat. You have the option to double up the health regen aura…

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