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An interesting thread about last hit mechanics among other things and changing them


From the LoL NA forums. It's an interesting idea. The document that talks about 4-5 changes and whatnot, it's the link in the post (it's a PDF).

I don't like:

-Removing last hitting (Will make the game worse and less involved imo)

-What it might mean for the jungle (Will it make jungling even worse of an option?)

I do like:

-Increasing rewards for tower destruction (Since early in the game destroying a tower isn't that good)

-Risk Zones (The further in your opponents base you are, the more gold/exp creeps give)

He talks about a different mode and keeping the current SR as "classic", however I think a few of the ideas should be added anyway. A red seemed to give it a good response too. So... .-.

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