Without the active with permaslow and true damage of course. So it's like this on SR:


+70 Attack

+275 Health

25% chance of slowing by 30%

Basically atm, if you want health and attack you have two options. You can either pick Trinity Force, or Frozen Mallet. The problem with both of these is they slow ranged AD builds down considerably. Why? Because the champs have low base attack and need to build lots of attack to be useful. So either option doesn't really benefit them THAT much. Tankier AD champs who want lots of health and base attack, and champs that are caster ADs that don't have to only normal attack for damage, benefit more from both of them.

So, if you want attack and health you would have these 3 options instead of 2:

Trinity Force (4070g)

Frozen Mallet (3250g)

Entropy (3565g)

What do you think?