Since I've joined they have been nerfing them over, and over, and over again. Only Corki and Kog got buffs, but they got nerfed before and after recieving them respectively. However, I don't feel this is right. Three reasons why:

1) Natural Counters

Tons of this in the game. Dashes, blinks, cc, champions have them, alot of champions have them. Most likely your team will have at least two champs that can hard counter Ranged AD.

2) Mediocre Abilities

What it says, most classes get 3-4 Battle useful skills, with medium to high amounts of damage. This is fine, but when it is paired with dashes, blinks, or hard cc that directly counters Ranged AD, it becomes an unfair fight for the Ranged AD. As, most of their skills are utility and are useless once enemies are in your face kicking your @$$.

3) Item Dependability

Ever play Tristania and not get any farm? It sucks, HARD. I'm fine with Ranged AD being item dependant, but they almost feel TOO item dependant. Lets face it, other types (including MAGES), get more base attack ratings than them, as they are lucky to even start out with over 49 attack. Other types such as Melee end up getting better stats accross the whole board while being natural counters with their abilities, as well as not having to have huge amounts of items for decent damage.

As I have been playing, I have been seeing less, and less of these types of champs in games. And, this isn't about the recent Cait nerf. I don't care that they nerfed Cait. Her Q is a loss of dps once you get crit/aspd, and her traps are pretty mediocre at best anyway. Graves is a bit of an exception, and I think he will pretty much kill champs like Tristania being picked (like, really, who would you rather pick comparing them?). The issue I feel, is that their role seems to be getting less and less important. And, they are getting countered more and more. And, Riot is nerfing them more and more while buffing those that counter them. I realize these champs can't stand back and just shoot everyone until they die with no counters, but I feel it's getting a bit overwhelming. When you know what you are doing, and you feel like Heimer, it's a bad feeling if you know what I mean. xD

Any thoughts? xP