Change her Yordle Snap Trap to have less trap time in the beginning, but more late. The reasoning for this is simple: Early game 1.5 seconds hurts. If it were 1 second, would bring down her lane control power down a notch. However, making the trap duration increase per level will make it more effective late game. Let's be honest, late game the traps don't help a whole lot. They are just immobolizers, to prevent movement for a bit, and the duration is so short. With merc treads it is about one second. This buff/nerf I feel will fix Cait. Right now I get one level of trap, and the rest on the net and Q, because there is no reason to get a higher level of it other than cooldown really.

Level | Trap Duration
1 | 1 second
2 | 1.25 seconds
3 | 1.50 seconds (where it is at all the time atm)
4 | 1.75 seconds
5 | 2 seconds

In conclusion this would do the following:

1) Locking down lanes in the beginning isn't as bad as it was

2) Cait players will have a reason to put points into the Yordle Snap Trap

3) The Yordle Snap Trap becomes better in teamfights and assisting your team late game