It's late game, we are neck and neck with the other team. Suddenly Shen shouts: "Dragon" then flares it, immediately the people he's queued with all rushed over, however the entire enemy team is mia, AND they have dragon warded (we know this). I went to wipe a minion wave of ~20 from one of our lanes (someone has to defend), and a 5 man push happened on mid (I was on a side lane and couldn't get over fast enough, when I did I didn't last long) and we lost 3 towers and an inhibitor, and they killed the dragon after our 3rd tower went down...

Sad thing is, this happened before on this same match, only we lost two side towers by a 5 man push instead of all our mid towers.

Seriously, it happened not once, but TWICE in my last game. Late game too. People can solo that thing, there is NO reason for it... Dragon > Loosing 2+ towers? I love how they didn't listen to me the first time it happened also (and no, I wasn't cussing them out or anything), and, guess what... It happened again. Because they are all on together, they don't listen to whoever is the outsider.

Anyway, my point is, when I hit solo, I wanna solo with people. Not get a group of people who spread stupidity amongst themselves. Or there is the instance where you are on the opposite side, and that's not fun either. I kinda wish Riot had the option to either be put into a premade or not, as, I'd rather have 4 other randoms than getting a team that I don't know how they work together and making you the outsider vs another team, I think it'd be better and would be a great addition. Don't you?