• Hirop

    Blast, the Void prisoner

    August 14, 2013 by Hirop

    Abilities Abilities description Abilities damage
    Currupted Chains Every time Blast uses a ability on a enemy unit, that unit is  "corrupted", all kind of damage made by this unit are mitigated. Blast's Zone applies the corrupted debuff to all enemies inside the zone. The damage reduction is calculated before of the calculus of magic resist and armor. 3%/5%/10%
    Void trap Blast throw a stealth trap made of his chains, if a enemy champion walk on it, this champion will be snared and Blast will jump on him. Blast need to be near the trap to jump on the champion. If after ten seconds none champion walk on the trap it will disappear, if blast use that ability again before that time is over the ability will enter in colldown. 

    Physical Damage: 30/60…

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