Abilities Abilities description Abilities damage
Currupted Chains Every time Blast uses a ability on a enemy unit, that unit is  "corrupted", all kind of damage made by this unit are mitigated. Blast's Zone applies the corrupted debuff to all enemies inside the zone. The damage reduction is calculated before of the calculus of magic resist and armor. 3%/5%/10%
Void trap Blast throw a stealth trap made of his chains, if a enemy champion walk on it, this champion will be snared and Blast will jump on him. Blast need to be near the trap to jump on the champion. If after ten seconds none champion walk on the trap it will disappear, if blast use that ability again before that time is over the ability will enter in colldown. 

Physical Damage: 30/60/80/100/120 (+ 70% bonus AD)

snared time: 1s

trap time : 10s

Cooldown: 6s

range of the trap: 150

range of the throw of the trap: 1200

mana cost: 60

The Prisoners Fate  Blast punch a enemy unit or a monster, if are more enemies or monsters nearby, all of they become chained, if the try to separate they will get stuned, if they stay together they will take Physical  damage over time for three second. If there is just one enemy unit or monster it will get stuned by 0.5 seconds and will take the  damage over time. If only one of those enemys or monsters separate all will be stuned.

Initial Physical damage: 60/80/90/120/150 (+ 90% bonus AD)

Over Time Physical Damage:

25/35/45/60/80 (+ 5% of the target total health) per second for 3 seconds

Stuned time: 

0.5 by unit chained

Cooldown: 10/9/8/7/6s

range of the chain: 400

masimum range of the chain (after that the chain will broke and the units chained will be stuned): 600

mana cost: 25/35/45/55/65

Ravenous Scourge

Passive:  The basic attacks of Blast will do a percentage of his physical damage to nearby enemy units or monsters.  Blast lose the passive of this ability when this ability is on cooldown.

Active: Blast spin his chains aorund him causing physical damage to all enemy units or monsters around him.

Damage to nearby units:


Physical damage:

80/90/100/150/200 (+ 100% bonus AD)

Cooldown: 16/12/10/8/6s

mana cost: 70/80/90/100/120

Blast's Zone Blast creates a zone made with his chains, inside that zone only Blast can do damage, all other kinds of damage are negated, Blast do more damage to enemies inside the zone. 

20%/35%/50% more damage

zone time:  3/4/5s

Range: 900

cooldown: 140/130/100

mana cost: 100


Blast doesn't know a lot of things about himself, but one of those few things that he konw is that he always  was prisoner. Since he was a child, he has live on the void and there he has seen all kinds of things, there are more people like him, prisoners, there are monsters trying to eat him every single day,  but he was strong enough to fight against those, and there is her... Every single day he fights, trying to survive, but without her help... he probably would not survived for so long. She is the only thing that makes him go ahead, he doesn't know why she like him, he is just a common prisoner... But it's not matter, he likes her too.

Blast dreams with the day that the chains will be broken,the day that he will  finally be free, the day that he will make justice, not just for him, but for all people imprisoned on void.

He doesn't know, but the same man that imprisioned him is also his father, Malzahar, the Prophet of the Void. Before Malzahar became the Prophet of the Void he had a family, and he loved his wife and his son, even before Blast's birth, but for his wife died on the birth of Blast, and he since that day Malzahar blames  his son by the death of his wife.

His wife was the only thing that made him resist the voices on his head, but whitout her he was free to listen those voices, he got corrupted by those and came back, to enter in league of legends.

After entering in League of legends he found his son and made the boy his prisoner. He erased all the memories of the boy and set him to the Void, he had expected the boy to be corrupted by the void, like void did with him, but the boy always resisted, something that Malzahar himself was not able to do. So Malzahar brought the boy back to Valoran, the boy wasn't a boy anymore, he was  a man, and he was strong, maybe, stronger than Malzahar, so the the Prophet of the Void imprisoned Blast with Void chains, to restrict his power, he also put Blast in league of legends, so that way will be  easier to control Blast, Blast knows that, but he likes to be in league of legends, there he made some friends and he is getting stronger, soon he will be able to  broke his chains and then he will fight against the void, for justice and for her...  

"All chains can be broken, just try it"

--- Blast, The Void Prisioner.


to Kassadin: "I miss her as much as you"