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    Yorick Rework idea

    December 16, 2015 by HowLeeSheet

    Feel free to share your thoughts :)

      Passive - Whenever a minion ( friendly or not ) dies near Yorick, they become a Ghoul. He can have up to X of them, and gains damage reduction and movement speed for each Ghoul alive. Ghouls last 1 minute, attack nearby enemies ( but don't prioritize champions ), have their stats based on Yorick's, ignore unit collision, quickly lose health when attacking turrets and interect with his other abilities.

      Q - Upon death, Ghouls heal Yorick. Activating the ability damages enemies in a cone in front of Yorick and creates a short-lived Ghoul for each champion hit, while also briefly slowing them.

      W - Yorick sacrifices some of his Ghouls to surround the target. If it's an ally ( or Yorick himself ), the Ghoul…

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  • HowLeeSheet

    First of all, I made these changes to fit her better into her theme (remember, she is getting a VU soon)

    English may not be 100% correct. Hope you guys like it  :) (my first post, be pacient)

    Passive: When out of combat for 5 seconds, Evelynn turns stealth, only being seen by nearby enemies or true sight. 3 seconds after exiting stealth, Evelynn's next basic attack or basic ability gains a bonus effect.  

    - Basic attack bonus: Evelynn's next basic attack summons spikes around her, dealing damage and healing her based on her missing health

    Q: Evelynn unleashes a dark flame in a line, stopping at the first enemy hit, dealing damage over time. If the target stays near Evelynn while taking damage, it'll be feared after a few seconds.

    - Passive bon…

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