• I live in Sweden
  • I was born on March 1
  • My occupation is Warehouse worker
  • I am Stallion
  • HozzieHozzbourne

    I've often wondered who would be the most powerful champion outside of the game. I'll add the champions that I feel would be the most powerful ones and I'd love to hear what others think :)

    The first champion that comes up in my mind is Xerath, seeing as he's a being of pure magic. If he'd get rid of his prison there would be practically nothing that would be able to stop him.

    Second champion that comes up is Syndra. Just from reading her lore you can tell that she's a woman with incredibly powerful magic. Being able to raise a whole temple into the air with little to no effort. Not sure how powerful her orb magic would be though..

    Lissandra also comes up in my mind. She's been around for centuries. She's able to take the forms of others and …

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