• Huhuhusova


    February 4, 2016 by Huhuhusova

    Voidborn goblet

    80 Ability power

    25 Armor and magic resist

    300 Health

    12% spellvamp

    Unique passive: Xer'or Q is now also dealing bonus  | }}

    of his maximum health}} he will start healing 10 % of it raw damage capped at 30 %.And he will also gain 20% bonus armor and magic resist for 10 seconds.

    |description2 = Xer'or basic attacks are dealing only but also dealing aditional true damage based on his 15% ability power |description3 = Xer'or isn't gaining movement speed from items but his CDR is increased by 10% per 70 bonus movement speed}}

    him for seconds.

    |description2 = Xer'or gains 10/20/30% |description3 = Xer'or will root enemy every 5 attack for 1 second}}

    If Xer'or deal damage he will mark enemy. The mark can stack up to 3 times. If he …

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