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    In the most recent sale Pentakill Yorick explained that he is holding auditions for a pentakill drummer, and that got me to thinking who do you guys think it should be. http://na.leagueoflegends.com/news/pentakill-holds-drummer-auditions-and-sale

    Personally i could see many people first being Rumble whose mech could hold all the drums and cymbals, and his flamethrower could be replaced with a fog machine.

    Other then him draven is an option with his spinning axes being replaced with drumsticks, plus it complets the team with an AD Carry. Trundle is an option with his giant club (not to mention he needs a new skin). And Olaf has alot of people backing him.

    Othen then them i heard Akali, Miss Fortune, Fiddlesticks, Teemo of all things, Cho'gath,…

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