• Hyper45

    Camille Predictions...

    November 21, 2016 by Hyper45

    Camille will probably be a great Solo-Bottom champion because of her passive Adaptive Defenses is an extra HP shield that scales with your max HP. Her W that is a Skill-shot WITHIN a Skill-shot Slow to catch and her q as good damage overall. Hookshot is a great engage and escape for nice set-up, and mabey even using teleport to quickly gank a lane with her R/Ult can be great for stopping a 2-3 person rush. She could een be a decent jungle having similar ailities to Kha' zix (Q & E) and her W is good for gank and farm (being like a downgraded exauhst), so is her R.

    I think high AD builds will be prevelent due to her Q and some E/W AP builds for extra damage. She seems like a tanky assasain.

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