• HyperOmega

    Many players don't understand the importance of a good team composition at even a basic level such as the need for a jungler, this of course isn't a problem in higher ELO ranked games, but in the beginning stages where you get someone going "get in lane" etc, is quite poor and when no one feels the need for a tank, or a support, or all go melee DPS or AP nuker, these teams do not work and a team needs to be balanced within reason, I feel there should be an article for this as it could really help people just trying to start ranked with what they need to be trying to acheive, per say at least one champion for each role ie. Ranged DPS, Mage DPS, AP Nuker, Melee DPS, Support, Tank, Jungler, Offtanks, Carry, Assassin etc.

    Obviously people can f…

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