Hi! I've played over 1000 games on Vayne, and she is by far my favorite champion! Now, with the current meta of SUPERTANKS top lane, you would think that Vayne and/or Kog'Maw would be the clear FotM ADCs in response, right? Then why aren't they? There are 2 main reasons why.

1. They have really weak lanes against the current really popular ADC picks, Jinx, Lucian, and Sivir. Vayne a little less so than Kog'Maw.

2. They have a lot of trouble actually dealing with the current super tanks, especially Shyvana. This is more true, again, for Kog'Maw than it is for Vayne, but even top tier Vayne players have trouble dealing with them.

So, how do we fix these issues? The first one is reasonably simple, play her top or mid. She does really well harassing most top laners, specifically melees. If you start with boots, there is little chance of them being able to connect with you. However, this doesn't fix the problem of her not really being able to deal with the super tanks later on.

So, I had the idea to come up with a build on Vayne that focuses on movement speed and a decent amount of bonus health. The full 6 item build is, in no particular order: Tri-Force, Black Cleaver, AS Boots, Zephyr, BotRK, and Frozen Mallet. What this build accomplishes is a very hefty amount of bonus health, high attack speed, 25% armor shred, a permaslow on your autoattacks, and a high amount of movement speed. You are very hard to catch, you shred the enemies armor, you have very high attack speed to proc your W very often, and if on the off chance someone connects with you, you have high enough health to *usually* survive it.

The order that I personally build these items in is: Tier 1 Boots to start, Tri-Force > Tier 2 Boots > Zephyr > BotRK > Black Cleaver > Frozen Mallet.  The first 3 I think could be done in any order, but I DO think they should definitely be your first 3 items. Your midgame powerspike is absolutely massive, with this build it's very common to be able to go 1v2, 1v3, etc, and come out on top.

KEEP IN MIND: This build can NOT be done when playing the ADC role. Your mid game powerspike is still massive, and you can very likely duel the enemy ADC with ease throughout the early-mid game, but your damage simply does not compare to a typical ADC build after a certain point. They will out DPS you all day, and your team will likely lose. It's perfectly fine to play this in any other role.

So, that's my Vayne build. Thoughts?