• Hyxaru

    I've recently played Aurelion Sol a few times, and I think almost everyone can agree on something: Aurelion Sol depends absurdly on a specific item: Rylia's Crystal Scepter. And he isn't the only one. Though not all truely depend on the item, it is commonly bought as a dirty perma-slow item. Other examples of such champions are Azir, Kayle, Cassiopeia, Evelynn, Taliyah, Viktor, Malzahar, Zyra etc. They buy it most of the times, with the sole idea that 'Now my X ability will permaslow my enemy!'

    The reason why this is not an issue on Frozen Mallet is a couple of differences.

    Firstly Frozen Mallet gives a 'meh' 40 attack damage and 650 'nice' health. The problem champions with Rylia's are the damage dealers. Frozen Mallet's stat mix makes it m…

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  • Hyxaru

    Currently we have manamune and archangel's staff. Both of which give a distinct power: Gaining mana to cast spells and deal more damage. Recently, a playful idea hit me. What if there was a third option, one which power is giving more mana to cast spells and cast spells more often. In a short term, a cdr tear item. Currently I imagine it like this:

    Item name ~ ~ ~

    Stats: 250 mana, 75% base mana regen, 10% cooldown reduction.

    Unique – Mana Charge: Grants +6 mana (max +750 mana) for each spell cast and mana expenditure. (Occurs up to 2 times every 8 seconds). Gains +1 mana every 8 seconds.

    Unique passive: Gain 1% cooldown reduction for every  100 mana. Also reduces mana costs on abilities by 1% for every 1% cooldown reduction obtained from other …

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  • Hyxaru

    Reworking Skarner

    December 7, 2015 by Hyxaru

    Here is my throw at a rework for Skarner. Even if Skarner is not in need for one, tell me what you think of these ideas.

    Crystal Sphires

    -No longer grants passive movement speed. Instead it changes 'Crystaline Exoskeleton' 20 movement speed reduction to a 70-140 bonus movement speed.

    Crystal Slash

    -Damage changed to a base damage +30% total AD physical damage.

    -Hitting an enemy now grants Skarner a stack of Crystal Slash, stacking up to four stacks. (one stack per ability cast at max) Each stack increases the damage dealt by Crystal slash by 50%. At four stacks Additionaly deals 5% of the enemies max health as magic damage.

    -While 'Crystaline Exoskeleton' lasts, knocks all enemies 100 units away from Skarner, all but the last target skarner auto…

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