• IAmTheMoonBitch

    So, I Want To Re-Lore Jinx And Vi And Make Them Legit Sister's, Like Final Confirmation!

    > Jinx and Vi are born as twins, Blondie green eyes.

    > Jinx and Vi liked to play-fight, but one day they took it too far. They both ended up unconscious and on the verge or dying.

    >Their parents take them to the Howling Abyss in one last desperate attempt to save their lives and call out to the Watchers in the Void.

    > A Watcher (Possibly Vel'Koz) appears and takes pity on the young twins and, using the powers of the Void, he saves them, Vi woke up immediately,(The Void magic caused her hair to turn pink) remembering nothing, but Jinx did not wake up. Vel'Koz took Jinx into the Abyss, he told their parents that the children were to be kept apart, because he…

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