• IE2555

    The talk here is going to be revolving around the League of Legends various champions lores and connections to eachother within the LoL universe.

    So recently I wanted to remind myself of Caitlyn's lore, and I headed over to the official site to read about it. But there I noticed something rather peculiar, on the Champion's info page there are listed 2 things that are well, new to me: The champion's affiliation, (such as Noxus, Demacia, Ionia, Independent etc.) and their "Friends and Rivals".

    While those might seem to be obvious, believe me, they are not, at least in few cases, it really surprised me:

    Sivir is friends with Nasus.

    Ahri is friends with Wukong.

    Ryze is a rival/enemy of Brand.

    Malzahar is friends with Kog'Maw but he is not friends wit…

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