• IONDragonX

    Welcome to my idea page. I'd going to make three sections here : Champions, Items and Skins. Keep in mind that this is strictly opinion and probably a never-ending WIP.


    • Hecarim - Hecarim's style is expected to be a mobile fighter or tank. It turns out, he's outclassed as a mobile champ, outclassed as a fighter and outclassed as a tank. There just doesn't seem to be a niche for him. I think that I can clean him up enough to be competitive without a complete rework.
      • Movement Speed - increased to 355 from 345
      • Passive - remove the soft cap reduction from the MS => AD calculations.
      • W - Add: when activate, Hecarim is immune to slowing effects.
      • E - Remove the speed boost. Make this into a skillshot dash that knocks back the first champion hi…
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